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Hi and Welcome to DG Creative


My name is Dean Galbraith and I am a freelance digital creative designer in Southern Ontario.
I love to help entrepreneurs, new and existing businesses reach their full potential with my graphic design skills and knowledge. Think of me (DG Creative) as your personal in-house designer.
I believe simplicity and clean design is the key to a great product.




Brand Assessment
Brand Positioning & Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Packaging Design


Responsive Website Design
Web Planning & Content
Brand Social Media


Graphic Design
Print Preparation
Print Management
Marketing Collateral
Exhibition Stands & Pop Banners


I am the rare space where ‘care-free fun’ and ‘absolute professionalism’ overlap. My work can lean towards one end or the other, but every project has a little bit of each – my professional designs are disarming and approachable; my fun designs convey a sense of respectability and reliability.

This unique position is best explained through my past: I was born and raised in Sheffield, England, where I was brought up on the sensibility and professionalism for which the English are famed.

After graduating, I started my career in the Cayman Islands, working a couple of design jobs. Here I embraced the free spirit of the Caribbean, even going so far as to moonlight as a beachfront DJ. While in Grand Cayman, I found myself infusing the professional reputability of England with the laid-back charismatic attitude of the sun-and-sand to make a style that’s uniquely mine.

While I’ve since left the Islands, the Cayman Islands will never leave me, and I continue to bring my style and expertise to businesses throughout Ontario.


I’ve gained extensive experience working on branding projects, print ads, comprehensive campaigns, web design, user interfaces, signage, direct marketing pieces, and annual reports, for businesses of all shapes and sizes, within a whole variety of industries, ranging from major insurance companies to local mom-and-pop storefronts.

  • sMy first professional job was working for, a large UK print house, where I learned the ins and outs of print design and production.
  • When I was approached by BB&P, one of the largest ad firms in the Cayman Islands, I returned to the Cayman’s to work on large-scale campaigns for high-profile clients. This gave me great experience with the planning and execution of major, multi-platform campaigns.
  • Moved to Canada in 2008, I worked for a digital-centred marketing company. Here, I was able to master websites, interface, and technical design, rounding out my skill set.

Contact Information

Feel free to call if you have any inquiries or an awesome project to discuss.


Call 519.410.9166


Send me a letter the old fashioned way.

34 Montclair Crescent
Simcoe ON  N3Y 4R9


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