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BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates Logo

Project Description

I was contracted by Precision Impact to help develop a brand for BR Cook Psychological Services & Associates.

Bruce Cook had been providing psychological services for decades, sometimes under his own name, sometimes under a business name with sparse branding. While he had the experience, and he had a number of associates working under his supervision, he had a vision for so much more. Bruce wanted to build a legacy, one that he can hand down to a trusted associate when he retires in a few years, but to do this he needed to establish himself.

The Solution

To build a proper business legacy, the brand identity is key. We worked with Bruce to develop a full logo and word mark that suits his positioning, accompanied by a full set of branded marketing and stationery materials. We also ran an awareness campaign to give them a jump-start on the establishment of their brand, delivering brochures, press releases, and promotional stress balls to local referral sources.

Project Details

Client BR Cook Psychology Service & Associates
Skills Logo Design, Branding, Print, Website

BR Cook Stationery
BR Cook Stress Balls
BR Cook Brochure Design and Print

Responsive Website

BR Cook PSA’s website needed to include a unique set of requirements: The site needed to incorporate an online booking system, with the primary conversion point being either to book an appointment with a particular associate through an embedded form or to fill out a general booking form through an off-site link.

We gave the website a clean, welcoming, professional look, and made sure that their messaging was simple and to-the-point, with associate pages that provided at-a-glance summaries of their specialties, in-depth summaries of their experience and therapeutic approach, and an organic lead-in to the embedded booking form.

BR Cook PSA Responsive Website Design

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