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South Coast Race Series branded stationery pack

Project Description

South Coast Race Series was a brand new company starting from the ground up. I worked with the client to figure out their achievement goals. We worked closely together and designed two logos, one for the main company and another logo for the South Coast Marathon Series. Upon completion I created a consistent brand across all collateral.

Project Details

Client South Coast Race Series
Skills Logo Design, Branding, Print, Website

South Coast Race Series Logo
South Coast Race Series Business Cards

South Coast Marathon Website

South Coast Marathon Logo
South Coast Marathon 11 x17 Poster

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DG Creative was able to take the vision I had for my company and create it visually on all platforms including digital and print. The consistency of my brand shows his attention to detail and incorporates everything that I asked to be included. He listens to your idea, creates what you need and isn’t afraid to put forward his professional opinion of what is best for you, your brand, and your company. It was a pleasure starting my business with the help of Dean, and I look forward to continuing my business with his creative mind by my side!

Madison Puddy

Founder/CEO, South Coast Race Series

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